Friday, October 19, 2007

Missing Classmates

Here is the way-too-long list of people for which we don't have contact information. Take a look to remember those in our class, so that if you see them around, you can let them know where to check for reunion details.

Jacquie Ailey
Christy Anderson
Shane Anderson
Erin Baker
Amy Baldwin
Sage Bassett
Brendan Beebe
James Booth
Sara Bradfield
Ron Broderick
Matt Brown
Buddy Burge
Kari Caldwell
Thomas Cantrell
Matthew Cardon
Scott Carlile
Angelo Carrasco
Christine Charles
Robert Christy
Brad Covington
DaNeil Cowan
Sadie Cowden
Sheila Crawford
Desmond Crystal
Daniel Cummings
Namea Curtis
Shaneil Darrington
Keith Dinkheller
Jenny Dompier
Travis Doyle
Alicia Egbertt
Casey Eggert
Oscar Fajardo
Terilee Farnsworth
Jason Fielding
Collette Fillerup
Stuart Fillmore
Norman Fitzwater
Kristen Gadegaard
Jerusha Gailey
Julina Galloway
Brenda Gardiner
Jared Gifford
Brian Glaze
Jesse Glider
Jared Gower
Samuel Grimshaw
Michael Haight
Tiffanie Haley
Andrew Hall
Kathryn Hamilton
Rebecca Harris
Jason Haslam
Amy Heaton
Adam Howe
Katie Hughes
Cristal Huish
Jeffrey Hultet
Nicholas Hulse
John Hunt
Pat Hunter
Dan Huntsman
Jason Huntsman
Britt Hval
Scott Jackson
Laura Jennings
Becky Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Kari Jolley
Wade Jolley
Sterline Jones
Heather Knight
Holly Ann Knight
Jessica Leavitt
Erin Lee
Lance Lewis
Lisa Lewis
Richard Lewis
April Lydsman
Tara Lindstrom
Daniel Long
Robert Loveland
Charles Rob Low
Tyffanee Lowe
Sarah Ludwig
Eduardo Martinez
Colin Matheson
Ryan Maughan
Cache Merriam
Jennifer Miller
Trista Miller
Anna Miner
Mindy Morris
Donald Morrison
Andrew Munford
John Newton
Chris Orton
Kevin Overson
Jennifer Owens
Brooke Peritz
Vaia Potter
Everardo Ramierz
Johnathan Reber
Scott Richardson
Sheri Richey
Jesse Roderiquez
Shad Rollo
Syke Schweinhaut
Aaron Shakespear
Miranda Shotwell
Adam Smith
Angeloa Smith
Jared Smith
Robyn Smith
Shawn Smith
Kimber Sorensen
Raven Soto
Amber Squire
Jenevieve Squires
Sara Staheli
Erwin Stevens
Christie Stucki
Iane Sukowaty
Try Swapp
Richard Tallent
Gene Chris Tanner
Clifford Thompson
Tim Thompson
Tyrone Tom
Stacy Topham
David Trotta
Jake Urie
Bartley Webster
Nathan Werner
Benjamin Wilcken
Clinton Wilkins
McKell Williams
Regan Wilson
Danielle Wood
Shane Woodall
Max Cannon Woods
Tone Wright

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Jason and Rachel said...

I know that this might be a lot of work, but I know that many of the names on the "missing classmates" list either still live in Cedar or have immediate family members that live here. I don't know how you are spreading the word about the reunion, but I learned by word-of-mouth by chance. I was just thinking that word-of-mouth might not be the be the most productive way of finding people. I hope that this doesn't sound overly critical.